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If I was going to start a travel and tourism business…

These are the first things I would do.

I would start researching and educating myself as much as I could about the type of travel business I had interest in starting. I’d spend 1 month reading and learning, gathering informational resources, connecting with people and companies that could help me.

Here is a list to get your started. I’ve curated the list so I am bias to these resources as I’ve visited all of them and find them valuable. Also in full disclosure I am the publisher of some listed here.

If you have a resource, free or paid and it is not on the list, please email and I will add it.

Free resources:

T4 Blog – Travel & Tourism Technology Trends – Well you here already so make sure you bookmark this web page and come back every 30-days as I’ll be updating the list.

TravelStartups.co blog. Inspiring CEOs, founder and entrepreneurs to build great travel companies. Travel Startup Founder Series, short podcasts direct from travel founders telling their story in how they started their travel company. Interviews include Steve Kaufer, co-founder of TripAdvisor and more.

Open Travel – An association for learning about travel distribution and the technology now being used to build out the next generation of online travel companies.

Small Fish Big Ocean – A free forum helping specialist tour operators and activity providers with e-commerce. You can post questions about travel startups here and many people will give you answers. You can download a free ebook titled, 55 Travel ecommerce tips.

SECRETS of the online travel business. FREE 30-page report will provide you with insight about how the travel industry works, who makes money and how.

Tnooz –A must read news site dedicated to travel and tourism with a bias towards technology travel startups. Many travel entrepreneurs and travel insiders post commentary to published articles.

Eye For Travel – Travel industry news and conferences. If you can afford it, try to attend at least one Eye For Travel conference per year.

LinkedIn – Join LinkedIn, join two groups that are relevant to the business idea you want to start. Start requesting connections with up to 100 people that are involved in the travel business that may be able to help you.

Tourism Starter Kit  - A massive amount of information about starting a travel business. The kit is meant for Australian businesses but you can learn here.

Paid Resources:

How To Start A Travel Business. The Travel Startup Series, 106 pages by Matt Zito in e-book and Amazon Kindle. $24.95

Travel Business Academy – A members only website that teaches entrepreneurs how to start a travel business, includes 5 online start up, business development and marketing modules. Price from $97-$249 lifetime membership.

Start Your Own Travel Business and More.  A book published by Entrepreneur Press, $19.95.

2 Responses to “If I was going to start a travel and tourism business…”

  1. Thailand Tour Packages 24 July 2013 at 12:40 pm Permalink

    This is seriously a good profession to choose.But you must have a good plan and a well maintained team to start this work.
    best of luck to you.

  2. Ayan 27 November 2013 at 3:49 pm Permalink

    I think if a person want to start travel business and don’t’ have much background on it. Trust me it will take lot more than 1 month. With online research you will get theoretical knowledge but you have to take realistic on floor experience, at least for 6 month.

    I know many friends putting lots of money by engaging in business that they never understood. Just because they have money they end up with misunderstanding that they can pull anything. I must say that experience, wise mind and hard work is superior than money coz it’s the ultimate resource that will give you the abundance of money.

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