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Building long-term online reputation through Travellr.com

This post is written by our guest author, Iam Cummings. Inspired by a love of travel and web technology, Ian Cumming (founder) and his team developed the concept of building a question and answer (Q&A) engine for travelers around the world to to share their travel knowledge. After packing his bags and and working on the website from internet cafes in South-East Asia, Ian launched Travellr.com in early 2009. Six months later World Nomads Group invested in the business, and the Travellr team moved to Sydney where it is now based.

Travellr.com is a question and answer website for travelers to get answers from locals who know. The site works by recommending questions in real-time to other members who are nearby and likely to know about the topic of interest.
For example, if a member asks “Where should I go white-water rafting in New Zealand?”, then Travellr will immediately look up people who live in New Zealand and know about white-water rafting then pass the question on to them. Smart hey?
Not only is Travellr a smart website for travelers to find and share travel knowledge, it enables you to build long-term referrals to your travel company and grow your online reputation.
Since you’re busy operating your business, Travellr will notify you via e-mail about questions you can answer, so you don’t have to log in and check the website.
When you answer a question on Travellr the audience is much greater than just the site’s membership. Travellr’s questions and answers are indexed by Google and shared across the web, providing a great opportunity to build long-term traffic via the search engine optimization (SEO) work that Travellr performs.
It’s easy to building referrals and reputation on Travellr.com for your business – so long as you follow three simple rules.
Rule 1. Build reputation by being helpful
As a tour or destination operator you have a wealth of local knowledge – so why not share it online? Answering questions about your local area will help establish you as a local expert and build your online reputation.
Here’s a good example –  the InterContinental Sydney Hotel answers travel questions about the city of Sydney, offering advice from vegetarian restaurants to good spots to go kayaking. By helping travelers with advice and tips about Sydney, the InterContinental has established a positive online reputation that provides long-term sales leads and brand awareness.

Rule 2. Be honest about who you are

Nobody can sniff out a business owner pretending to be a “satisfied customer” quicker than an online community! When you create an account on Travellr, use your business name and upload your business logo so everyone knows who you are. This also means that every conversation you have will proudly display your brand!
Rule 3. Add value in your answers (and Travellr will add value to your business)
If you write a well written answer to a question it will receive more votes and get ranked higher in search results on the site. Add detail to your answers – simply replying with “check out my website” or “see here for the info” with a link to your website will result in a poor conversion of click throughs, and you might get also marked as spam.
It’s that simple. If you follow these three simple rules, then you’re well on your way to building your online reputation and growing long-term visitors to your business through Travellr.com
How do I sign up to Travellr?
  • Sign up to Travellr.com (http://travellr.com/sign_up?utm_campaign=rezgo)
  • Fill out your profile and upload a profile picture
  • Enter in topics your are interested in – this will help Travellr recommend questions to you.
  • Set how often you want to be notified about new questions (all the time, daily, or weekly)
  • Explore or search for questions in your region to answer.

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    I have never heard of travellr, until I read your article. Great article will def check the website out.

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    Thanks for your article it was really interesting. I will check the site out.

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    Great article and a great site. Thanks

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    I find this concept fascinating. A auto Q & A system could save customers so much time and result in them booking holidays on line more.

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