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Traditional Journalists Use Blogs for Story Ideas

75% of Journalists use blogs for story ideas.One of the reasons why blogs are such a good idea and why I enjoy following blogs, especially those on the T-List, is because they are a great source of knowledge.  At ITB Berlin in March a number of T-List bloggers, including myself, sat on an expert panel and debated the role of blogs versus traditional journalists.  There was much discussion about whether citizen journalism would replace traditional journalism and about the credibility of user generated content.  My take has always been that the two will eventually find an equilibrium and that they may also feed off each other, one supporting or promoting the other.  In this article from Marketing Pilgrim, Janet Meirs reports that a survey by Brodeur and MarketWire showed that 75% of the journalists surveyed actually used blogs for new story ideas.  I wish I had picked up on this piece before I went to Berlin, because I would have changed the following statement from:

“Blogging continues the conversations that are started by traditional media.”


“Traditional media continues and adds credibility to the conversations started by Bloggers.”

I’m being cheeky ofcourse because I don’t think it is a chicken and the egg situation.  I think there are cases where traditional media will pick up on issues or stories circulating within the citizen journalism space and bloggers will pick up on stories produced by traditional media.  The key is whether or not the reader can differentiate between sources and what perceptions they have towards any one viewpoint.

Thanks to Joe Buhler for posting about this in January 2008. If you haven’t already done so, you should consider following his blog. :-)

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    Its actually a give and take scenario.

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    Its actually a give and take scenario.
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